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Rice starches

OryzaMYL is a range of natural rice starches with low (waxy), medium or high amylose content. Also, an organic version is available.

Rice starch is the main component of rice and a natural source of carbohydrates. An insoluble white powder consisting of both amylose and amylopectin, it differs from rice flour in its absence of the protein fraction.

Due to its structure, it is a possible fat replacer, for instance in dairy products. And, after heating it with water, it forms a gel with a smooth and creamy texture, neutral taste and clear white color, assuring preservation of the authentic taste and color of your food product.

Rice starch is therefore used in many applications, including baby foods, ready-to-eat meals, soups & sauces, cereals and cereal bars, confectionery coatings, organic food products and dairy products.

Additionally, it guarantees great digestibility, it is gluten, GMO and allergen free.

Please contact our technical team and they will be happy to assist you and offer you the best solution available.


The technical document

Nutritional properties

Nutritional values per 100 gram of product.

Calories 350 Kcal
Carbohydrates 85 g
Protein < 1,0  g
Total fat < 0,1  g
Fiber 0  g
Cholesterol 0  g



  • Very fine granularity with granules having about the same size as fat globules
  • Possible fat replacer
  • After heating with water, it forms a gel with a smooth and creamy texture
  • It also has a neutral taste and clear white colour
  • Assures preservation of the authentic taste and colour of your food product

White coatings

OryzaMYL is a rice starch, which allows the preparation of white coatings with a very smooth surface, and it is a great alternative to the use of titanium dioxide, E171, which cannot be used anymore in Europe as an additive in food applications.

In the past, it was widely used as a whitener in, for instance, confectionery (white coatings, white glazes, etc).

OryzaMYL constitutes an excellent alternative, for example, to cover mints, which are sweets that have a very white outer coating made out of glucose syrup and other ingredients.

Please ask our technical team to help you replace titanium dioxide in your food products by rice starch as a natural clean-label whitener.

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