Starch solutions

Ebro Ingredients produces its own line of rice starches. Rice starch has a very fine granularity with granules having about the same size as fat globules, making it a possible fat replacer. After heating with water it forms a gel with a smooth and creamy texture. Rice starch also has a neutral taste and clear white colour, assuring preservation of the authentic taste and colour of your food product. Main advantages of rice starch are: neutral taste, white colour, transparent gel, soft creamy texture, possible fat replacer, GMO-, gluten- and allergen free, and great digestibility. Rice starch can be used in a large number of applications, including: baby foods and organic infant meals, ready-to-eat meals, soups & sauces, cereals and cereal bars, confectionery coatings, and organic food products.

Our pea starch concentrates and Faba bean concentrates are natural starches that have a great gelling capacity. Compared to native potato starch, pea starch has large starch granules that can absorb relatively high amounts of water. Additionally it carries still around 12-15% of valuable protein.

Different applications have been developed for these starch concentrates, like:

  • snacks
  • pet food
  • bakery
  • meat
  • potato replacements
  • sauces
  • among others.

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