Durum wheat ingredients

Durum wheat is a wheat variety that is characterized by a higher protein content as compared to normal or soft wheat. Durum wheat flour or semolina is classically used for high quality pasta and couscous, but nowadays different durum fractions are often used in other applications, like bakery, for nutritional and functional purposes.

Ebro Ingredients produces durum wheat flours and semolina, but also different functional durum wheat fractions for a diverse range of applications, like butter replacement and dough improvement. Our range of durum wheat products is completed by our range of couscous and boulgour (instant cereal).

Available durum wheat ingredients

  • Durum wheat semolina and flours
  • Functional durum wheat fractions
  • Precooked durum wheat flour
  • Durum wheat bran
  • Couscous and Boulgour

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