Rice ingredients

More than forty four thousand rice varieties are known that all have a unique composition and functionality. It is therefore critical to understand well the different types of rice, characterize each raw material extensively, and separate raw materials based on certain product characteristics. This is important in order to guarantee the quality and functionality of each product and batch produced.

With factories in Europe, US and Asia, Ebro Ingredients is the largest rice flour and rice ingredient manufacturer in the world. Through this set-up and wide range of technologies, it offers a wide range of flours, starches, and other rice-based ingredients for many different applications and solutions.  Furthermore, we manage different rice growing programs from which we obtain high quality sustainable rice with full traceability from which we produce our baby food and organic rice flours.

Available rice ingredients

  • Precooked rice and broken rice
  • Native rice flours
  • Heat-treated rice flours
  • Instant rice flours
  • Organic rice flours
  • Baby food rice flours
  • Ultrafine rice flours
  • Brown rice flours
  • Rice bran flours
  • Rice starches
  • Rice pearls
  • Wild rice flour
  • Hydrolyzed rice flour
  • Rice flakes
  • Customized rice flours