Geovita is an Italian company that develops, produces and markets mixes, recipes and products made from cereals and legumes for the food industry. With different factories in the North of Italy, Geovita produces precooked pulse and cereal Ingredients, like flakes, grits, and flours. We channel our passion and skill into improving the quality of the raw materials we use, seeking to introduce innovation through our cutting-edge technologies and enhance the nutritional characteristics of these raw materials.

Our priority at all times is to ensure that we fully respect our surroundings and the people who we work alongside, caring for the products from the field to the plate and believing in a healthier, more ethical approach to life that promotes respect for the environment. Right from the very start, we have always been dedicated to developing and producing innovative, high-quality products for our customers and consumers, through the efficient use of our resources and in close collaboration with our partners.

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